Discipline & Student Leadership



In line with the vision “Active Minds, Gracious Hearts”, one of West Grove’s strategic goals is to develop pupils to be morally upright and actively contribute to the community. Education is never complete if it does not develop a pupil’s character along with his mental faculties and physical ability. Character development is integral to education and is fundamental to the holistic development of our pupils. In West Grove, besides providing explicit teaching of our six school values through our comprehensive life skills lessons, schools values, leadership and social-emotional competencies are also integrated and infused through all aspects of education in an environment that is caring and open.

In West Grove, no pupils is left behind and we look into welfare of our pupils. Should any pupil has financial, social and/or emotional difficulty, the school will assess his needs and provide him with the necessary support so that he has an ease of mind to learn well in school.



Head Of Department Mdm Anisah Bte Muna Md
Subject Head, Environmental Education & Partnership Mdm Mindy Neo
Subject Head (Pupil Well-being) Mdm Lee Nyuk Phing
Subject Head (Discipline & Student Leadership) Mr Abdul Gaffar
Senior Teacher (CCE)
Mdm Samsia
School Counsellor Ms Annie Tsang
AED LBS Ms Khaireny

Our Vision


Every child to be responsible for his own actions and thoughts.

Our Mission
The department aims to promote a Whole School Approach in dealing with Discipline


  • School Rules and Regulations
  • Guidelines for school-wide Standard Procedure
  • Standard Procedures for addressing Disciplinary problems


The school firmly believes that discipline is crucial to nurturing gracious, life-long learners and morally upright citizens.



Every West Grovian A Gracious Citizen


Develop Pupils Into Self-disciplined And Warm-hearted Individuals, Through the Instilling Of Values

Morally Upright Citizen

In line with the vision,’Active Minds, Gracious Heats’, the school’s strategic thrust 4 on Character Development aims to develop all our students to be morally upright citizens.

School Values

  • The school crafted a set of 6 values in 2003, comprising of ‘Responsibility, Respect, Resilience, Integrity, Commitment and Kindness’.
  • These 6 school values will be imparted to all pupils through explicitly through values education and implicitly through CCA and other school programmes.

Social Emotional Learning

  • Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is the acquisition of skills needed to recognise and manage emotions, develop care and concern for others, make responsible decisions, establish positive relationships, and handle situations effectively.
  • Social and emotional skills will be imparted to the students through explicit and implicit infusion of the 5 SE competencies.
School Programmes Values Self Awareness Self Management Social Awareness Relationship Management Responsible Decision Making
Values Education

Life Skills Education

Sexuality Education

Student Leadership Development Programme

Community Involvement Programme

Co-Curricular Activities

NE Programmes

Others e.g. Cyber Wellness

Professional Development

  • Using the IDEAS framework, staff derived a school-wide pedagogy (SWP), which consists of ‘Building Relationships, Providing a conducive environment, Seeking meaningful and relevant experiences and catering to differentiated needs’.
  • There is a structured whole-school approach and conscious effort to align school activities planned with the SWP.
  • Training framework to develop the competencies of teachers in the area of SEL and school-wide pedagogy to develop good character and social skills through daily lessons.

Community Partnership system

  • The community Partnership Committee works closely with the WGPA, the community (cluster schools and charitable organisations) as well as other stakeholders (MOE HQ and Alumni).
  • It has the dual purpose of providing opportunities to mould the character of our pupils and to form strong links with parents and the community.
  • The committee employs a structured whole school approach to its CIP programmes in school.

Pupil Well Being support system

  • The PWB department looks into the following areas to develop the social and emotional well being of our pupils through the following systems:
    • PCCG
    • Pupil’s Needs Analysis
    • Disciplinary System
    • Award/ Reward System

Review and Assessment
Surveys, Projects, Students Reflection, AAR


West Grove Primary School believes in providing and creating leadership opportunities for every pupil and in nurturing the leadership potential of every student leader. Backed by one of our school’s strategic thrust to develop visionary leadership, the Student Leadership Development Framework adopts a servant leadership approach and focuses on leadership through service. It is also an integral part of character development in the pupil.


YEAR 2013

The first semester of 2013 has been an enriching and exciting one for the Discipline Committee. Many different programmes and activities were conducted for our students. In West Grove, we strongly believe that no child is left behind. Not only student leaders are trained and equipped with leadership skills, each and every Westgroviansis also involved in activities which greatly aid in their Character Development. Here is a list of the different exciting activities:

Student Leadership Development

  • Basic leadership training for all pupils
  • Intermediate leadership training for Prefects and student leaders
  • Advanced leadership training for Prefect Exco
  • Sharing stories with values by Prefects
  • Prefect's Investiture
  • Junior prefects training by Senior Prefects
  • Prefects Values in Action (Local & Overseas)

Character development for All

  • Values Education
  • Infusion of school values and social and emotional competencies into formal and informal curriculum
  • FTGP lessons
  • Best behaved Class
  • Awareness campaign
  • Best Behaved Pupil award
  • Kindness programmes
  • Character development card


West Grove Primary School believes in providing and creating leadership opportunities for our pupils and in nurturing the leadership potential of every student leader. Thus, during the June holiday, the Prefects were involved in the training programme.

Leadership training for perfects
This programme helps the students to develop their leadership skills to become more effective leaders in their role as prefects.

The programme will help the monitors to deal with their leadership duties more effectively and they will be more equipped with essential leadership skills such as conflict management, team work, communication and leading others.

The workshop’s objectives are to help the students to be more confident leaders and be more able to handle their leadership duties with greater ease and assertiveness.

Values Educations
The 6 school values are reinforced during the Values education lessons conducted by form teachers during assembly periods. This program is to prepare pupils to be more effective individuals and to equip students with the necessary life skills to prepare them for the challenges in life.

P1- Respect
P2- Responsibility
P3- Kindness
P4- Integrity
P5- Commitment
P6- Resilience


Best Behaved Pupil of the Month: Every month, 1 pupil will be selected from each class by their Form teachers to be awarded the Best Behaved Pupil. The student will be presented with a certificate on stage. This recognises the good behaviour displayed by the student. This also motivates the other students to work towards the award.


Awareness Campaign: Many beautifully decorated posters were prepared and pasted around the school compound. This is to increase students’ awareness of their expected attire and personal grooming standard.


Best Behaved Class (Lower Primary)
This is a reward system implemented for the Lower Primary students. Classes will be rewarded with ice cream sticks when they are well behaved. At the end of each month, the class which obtained the most number of ice cream sticks will be presented with a certificate. All the students from the class will also be rewarded with a small token.