S/No Name of Participant Class/level Name of Event/Competition Participation/Achievment
1 Woo Jing Wen,Joey 5G Latin Jive Open 1st place
Latin Cha Cha open 1st place
 Solo latin Jive Open 6th place
 2  Sherilyn Lee  4A Latin Jive Open  7th place
 3 Gracia Tan  4G Solo Latin Jive open 8th place
4  Eunice Ivan Rei Jan  4A Nil Certificate of participation
5  Lovelle Tan  1C  Latin Cha Cha Medalist 5th place
6  Tang Yu Xin  1F  Latin Cha Cha Medalist 6th place
7 Lim Yun Hua Denise   P2  Latin Cha Cha Medalist 6th place
8  Goh Pei Yi, Belinda  P2  Nil  Certificate of Participation