Choir SYF

    Year 2016 marks the 50th year of Singapore Youth Festival. Our Senior choir comprises of 54 members prepared for the central judging on 14 April 2016 under the guidance of the new choir instructor, Ms Rose Loh. The preparation was very intense given the challenging set piece entitled “Voice In The Round” composed by Jeremiah Li. The members had developed the perseverance as they worked on the set piece. The practice sessions provided opportunity for members to strengthen their vocal techniques as well as knowing how to project their voices without straining their vocal cords. The learning had been productive and it is hoped that the members will continue to deepen their love for singing.

We are proud that our choir has attained a Certificate of Accomplishment(A silver award) for the central judging. Our choir has received strong support from parents. This is a strong indication of their interest in their children's holistic development.

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