• To foster an appreciation and passion for choral singing so as to build up Choral Excellence in the school as part of the VIVACE vision ( Vibrant Icon of Visual Arts and Choral Excellence ).
  • To provide choral training to hone and develop good singing techniques with proper singing techniques and voice projection.
  • To introuduce basic rudiments of music of beat and rhythm, singing expressively and performing with accompanying actions.
  • To nuture confidence in pupils and provide opportunities to hone showmanship skills while inculcating discipline and teamwork through performances in school events/competitions,


Tuesday: 2PM to 4PM (for P3 to P6 members)

Thursday: 2PM to 4PM (for P2 members)


Mrs Irene Chin (i/c)
Mdm Tang Oi Khum
Ms Jessica Xie


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