Dance cultivates discipline, resilience and teaches the value of teamwork. In dance, one learns to symbolically represent elements of the music using movement. Expression of characters and drama through movement is also ingrained in every choreography. Furthermore, dancers will learn more about the various cultures and dance genres when being exposed to them. Dancers will also have the opportunity to build stage confidence and showmanship through performances.


Tuesday Ms Pamela Low

Ms ShariffahAffinda

Mr Phoon Yong Kang

Thursday Ms Pamela Low

Ms ShariffahAffinda

Mr Phoon Yong Kang



Day Time Venue
Tuesday 2-4pm Dance studio (ISH)
Thursday 2-4pm Dance studio (ISH)


Mr Mohd Razfrainn Rozaly

Programme Schedule 2018

Events Month
Singapore Youth Festival April
Singapore Gardens Festival August



Congratulations to Dance CCA for attaining the ‘Accomplishment’ award for 2018 SYF. Thank you, parents, for your continued support and dancers for all the time and effort you have put in preparing for SYF this year. You are indeed a talented lot.