Guzheng Ensemble


  • To groom students into virtuoso and graceful performers
  • To develop students as overall achievers through appreciation of Chinese music.

The Guzheng, or Chinese harp, originated over 2,300 years ago and is one of the oldest plucked instruments in China. Because of its melodic qualities, the Guzheng was extremely popular for both court and folk music. Its attraction lies on the water-rippling sound produced when the strings are plucked by the fingers in a sweeping manner.

At West Grove, we aim to groom Guzheng members into virtuoso and graceful performers as well as to develop them as overall achievers through appreciation of Chinese music. We have around 60 members in our Guzheng Ensemble at the moment. They are trained by Mdm Yang Xia, a professional Guzheng player trained from China.

The Ensemble performs in major school events such as the Chinese New Year & Non-Teaching Staff Day Concert. We have also performed in public upon invitation by external organizations. Music Appreciation Workshops and outings such as watching performances are also organized, so as to expose the members to Chinese Music.Ā In 2012, the Guzheng Ensemble participated in the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Central Judging at the national level, and was awarded the Silver Award.


All Sessions
Tuesday: 2pm ā€“ 4pm;
Thursday: 2pm ā€“ 4pm;


All Sessions
Mdm Tan Kok Teng (i/c)
Ms Chua Ting Ting
Ms Foong Yuk Yew


Miss Yang Xia (Professionally trained in Guzheng playing from China)



Practice Session


SYF Carnival In the Heartlands


Chinese New Year Concert


Chinese New Year Concert


Our Group Photo


SYF Central Judging 2012