Pupil Well-being

Head Of Department Mdm Anisah Bte Muna Md
Subject Head, Environmental Education & Partnership Mdm Mindy Neo
Subject Head (Pupil Well-being) Mdm Lee Nyuk Phing
Subject Head (Discipline & Student Leadership) Mr Abdul Gaffar
Senior Teacher (CCE)
Mdm Samsia
Senior Teacher (Educational support)
Mrs Shirin Ishar
Senior Teacher (Educational support)
Ms Suneeta Kaur
School Counsellor Ms Annie Tsang
AED LBS Ms Yasmine Hatnam



  • In line with the vision “Active Minds, Gracious Hearts”, one of West Grove’s strategic goals is to develop pupils to be morally upright and actively contribute to the community. Education is never complete if it does not develop a pupil’s character along with his mental faculties and physical ability. Character development is integral to education and is fundamental to the holistic development of our pupils. In West Grove, besides providing explicit teaching of our six school values through our comprehensive life skills lessons, schools values, leadership and social-emotional competencies are also integrated and infused through all aspects of education in an environment that is caring and open.


  • In West Grove, no pupils is left behind and we look into welfare of our pupils. Should any pupil have financial, social and/or emotional difficulty, the school will assess his needs and provide him with the necessary support so that he has an ease of mind to learn well in school.


  • The pupil well-being committee also aims to raise awareness of the different types of special needs in pupils and equip teachers with strategies to handle special needs pupils in their classrooms. We believe that this, in turn, will facilitate a smooth transition for the special needs pupils who are moving from one level to another level. We work closely with the parents of the special needs pupils so that they are able to cope with the fast-paced mainstream school environment or move on to a special school which best meets their interests.


 1. Lighthouse Programme

The rationale for implementing this programme is to reach out to students who are often left alone at home after school with little parental supervision as both parents are busy at work.

Through the many activities the teachers organise, we hope to provide a conducive and learning environment for our pupils. They will be able to know more about themselves and build up personal competencies, thus playing an active role to contribute to the school and the community.

The program is a two hour session, twice a week after school.

Activities like sandwich making, cooking simple dishes, learning computer skills, adopting good reading skills, learning about Mindfulness etc.

Pupil Wellbeing 2018 1








Pupils’ final product – Chocolate cookies


Pupil Wellbeing 2018 2







Mindfulness session – Pupils learn to cope with stress using some useful strategies


Pupil Wellbeing 2018 3








Reading and dramatizing the story



2. Workshops – Self-awareness and money matters

Selected pupils who are our Kindness Leaders will go through 2 modules of the workshops to understand themselves better and how they can contribute to the school and society.

Pupil Wellbeing 2018 4








Some comments by our pupils


“I learn to not compare myself to others because we are all different in our own ways. My favourite game is the price is right”

Jolienne Peh, 3E


“I learn to not waste money and be kind to others. I enjoy the price is right.”

Cheyenne Peh, 3A


“I enjoyed the games and vidoes. I learnt not to waste money.”

Dino Olivia, 3D


“I learnt that I am valuable. I enjoyed the final chair.”

Mikki Tai, 4B

3. Food Donation Drive

Our Kindness Leaders who completed the workshops will organise a Food Donation Drive for the Food From the Heart Organisation. Food items like instant noodles, rice, canned food were donated by our parents and pupils. Our Kindness Leaders will categorise accordingly and give all these items to the Food from the Heart Organisation.

Pupil Wellbeing 2018 5








Some of our Kindness Leaders


Pupil Wellbeing 2018 6










Food items donated by our parents and pupils


Pupil Wellbeing 2018 7








Items sorted and ready to give to Food from the Heart