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Head of Department (Covering) Mrs Nicole Chua
Level Head (Covering)
Ms Ong Pyng Jing
LSM Coordinator(s):
(Learning Support Mathematics)
Mdm Hani
Mdm Nurhazlinda


Mathematics is the study of patterns and relationships. It is an excellent tool for the development of one’s intellectual competence in logical reasoning, spatial visualization, analysis and abstract thinking. Pupils develop numeracy, reasoning, thinking skills and problem-solving skills through learning and application of mathematics concepts taught in class.

In West Grove, we aim to provide a variety of learning experiences to help pupils develop and explore Mathematics concepts and apply them in a wide range of real-world problems.


  • To provide our students with concrete experiences to learn Mathematics concepts meaningfully.
  • To inculcate our students in mathematical reasoning and communication.
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Syllabus Organisation from P1 - 6

3 Content Strands + 1 Process Strand
Number & Algebra
Measurement & Geometry
Example of Topics:
Whole numbers, Fractions, Money,
Decimals, Percentage, Ratio, Algebra, etc. 
Example of Topics:
Shapes, Length, Mass,
Volume, Area, Time, Angles, etc. 
Example of Topics:
Interpreting Picture Graphs, Bar Graphs,
Line Graphs, Tables, Pie Charts, etc.
Mathematical Processes
Example of Process Skills: Reasoning, Communication, Connections, Thinking, Heuristics, etc.


In West Grove, we aim to provide programmes which will help our students to develop strong basics in Mathematics concepts and skills in problem-solving. Besides, students will be exposed to real-world problems and hands-on experiences to learn Mathematics in an interesting manner.



This programme is held from Term 1 to Term 3 which aims to support the selected Primary Six pupils to learn Mathematics. Our school alumni who are currently in Secondary One will provide peer-tutoring to them.


In West Grove, we provide opportunities to potential students who are good in Mathematics to extend their cognitive abilities in mathematical problem-solving.


GOLD stands for Game Oriented Learning Development in Mathematics which aims to motivate young Mathematics learners through games in the learning of Mathematics. It is held termly during recess and it involves all Primary 1 to Primary 6 students. Our students also get to collect stamps for their participation and exchange the stamps for tokens.

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Gold (Pri 1 to 6 Students) - 2.jpg

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ICAN programme aims to provide additional support to the selected students from Primary 1 to Primary 4 to help them to close the learning gaps in Mathematics.


E2K programme aims to develop critical thinking skills in top-performing Mathematics students to solve the problems.

P1, P3 and P5 Mathematics Workshop for Parents

Mathematics workshops will be organised yearly for parents of our Primary 1, Primary 3 and Primary 5 to brief them on the Mathematics syllabus and assessment. Resources used during Primary 1 lessons will be shared with the parents to give them an idea how the children learn Mathematics in West Grove. As for Primary 3 and Primary 5 workshop, parents will learn how to solve Mathematics problems through model drawing and heuristics. Parents will also be briefed on the use of calculators during the P5 workshop.

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