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PE, CCA & Health Management

Our Team

HOD, Physical Health Education & Aesthetics Mr Abdul Wahid
Subject Head, PHE (Covering)
Mr Jackie Huang
Senior Teacher
Mdm Nur Hana Tay


Active Lifestyle

  • Know who to turn to when in need of help
  • Enjoy balanced meals with healthy food choices
  • Engage in meaningful activities
  • Physically active to be fit
  • Socially active with friends of different races

Gracious Living

  • Socially responsible in thinking of the well being of others
  • Helping those in need
  • Socially responsible with one's hygienic habits
  • Conscious of the need of those less fortunate
  • Know what is right and wrong

Healthy Lifestyle Guideline Pyramid.jpg


A school where staff and pupils leverage on physical and psychological health for success.
To cultivate passion in physically fit pupils for sports and games.


  • Health Education Assessment
    • Project – 50%
    • Online Quiz – 30%
    • Hygiene Checklist – 20%
  • Growing Years Lesson for P5 and P6 only (Post Exam Activity)
  • P5 Road Safety Education Games


  • Fruittie Veggie Bites Programme (Term 2)
  • First Aid Course for Teachers
  • Food Safety Talk for Pupils
  • Road Safety Talk for Pupils
  • Breakfast Programme

PE Programme
  • P1 : Education Gymnastics (Term 2 & 3)
  • P2 : Learn-to-hold-a-racket Programme (Term 1 to 3)
  • P3 : SwimSafer Programme (T1-2)
  • P1-P4 : Speed Skipping Proficiency Test Awards


  • NAPFA Test for P4 to P6 pupils
  • Sports Carnival for P3 to P6 Pupils
  • Sports Leadership training
  • ACES Day
  • Lower Primary Games Day
  • Sports Education Programme (SEP) – Activities for P4 to P6 pupils


Outdoor Education Programme

  1. P3 Day Camp in September
  2. P4 2D1N Camp in June
  3. P5 3D2N camp in March

Goals of Outdoor Education Programme
  1. Develop knowledge and aptitudes for learning beyond the classroom.
  2. To Appreciate nature
  3. To overcome challenges that nature presents