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Head of Department Mr. Tee Kar Yeow
Level Head, Science
Mdm. Liam Huixian


Our school niche is Science. In West Grove, the central focus is on scientific inquiry. We will equip learners with an enriching Science knowledge with critical thinking skills. Our staff are endowed with the latest tools and resources to conduct their teaching.

To nurture each individual to respect and love the environment.

To arouse pupils’ interest in Science through first hand experiences.


Themes P3
  • Variety and characteristics of living things
  • Materials


  • Amazing body
  • Digestive System
  • Plants and their parts
  • Plant Transport System
  • Respiratory and Circulatory Systems
  • Electrical System

  • Magnets

  • Force
  • Environmental Impact
  • Life cycles of Plants and Animals
  • Matter 
  • Water
  • Cells
  • Reproduction in Plants and Animals 

  • Heat
  • Light 
  • Forms of energy and conversions
  • Photosynthesis


Programmes P1
P5 P6
PAL (Outdoor Education)

Science Trail

Green Drive

Project Green for Life

Come Be Learners (CBL)

Science & Technology Gallery

Science Enrichment @ Science Centre

Scientist Highlight

Overseas Trip

Biodiversity Garden (NE-Science Trail)


In Term 1, the Primary 5 pupils had a chance to participate in the Science Fair. First, they would have to discuss in their groups of five, the hypothesis questions that they would like to work on. Following that, the class would have to vote for the group with the most interesting hypothesis question and the selected group would be representing their class for the Science Fair. To ensure fairness, only one group from each class was selected.

To prepare for the Science Fair, the pupils had to meet up once a week with their teacher to do their research and gathered information for their hypothesis questions. Following that, they had to carry out experiments to prove that their hypothesis were correct. Hence, the procedures, results and the conclusion about the experiment would be recorded down.

Next, pupils were given three big boards to showcase all the information and pictures that they had documented from the experiment. On the actual day of the Science Fair, the pupils would display the boards and demonstrate the experiments to their peers. Finally, all the groups of pupils had to present their work to a panel of judges and answer challenging questions that were posed to them. The group which gave the best presentation of the boards and were able to answer the questions posed by the judges, won the Science Fair Competition.

WGPS SCIENCE FAIR 2014 - 1.jpg

WGPS SCIENCE FAIR 2014 - 2.jpg

Mozzie Wipeout Programme

In Term 1, the Mozzie Wipeout Programme was held in school by the National Environmental Agency to give pupils more awareness about the dangers that Aedes mosquitoes presents to humans. As the number of dengue cases had been on the rise, the Ministry had taken steps to educate the people on the ways to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes. They also reached out to the children by having such progammes for school pupils. Pupils were educated on how to prevent Aedes mosquitoes from breeding.

During the programme, the pupils got to watch an animated video about mosquitoes. They also played the Mozzie Wipeout game in arcade style. Pupils even won attractive tokens by answering quiz questions. Those who had their pictures taken with the Mozzie mascots got to keep the polaroid shots as a momento. The programme offered pupils many hands on activities and they were able to learn ways to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes at the same time. Not only did the pupils learn but they also had an enjoyable time too.

Mozzie Wipeout Programme - 1.jpg

Mozzie Wipeout Programme - 2.jpg

Science Learning Journey to Tuas Incinerator Plant

The Primary 6 students had the opportunity to visit the Tuas Incineration Plant in Term 1. The students learnt about Man and his impact on the environment in Science where they studied about the interactions between and within systems enhances understanding of the environment and Man’s role in it. The interaction of Man with the environment drives the development of Science and Technology. At the same time, Science and Technology influences the way Man interacts with the environment. The students can better appreciate the consequences of their actions and be responsible for their actions.

On the visit, they became to be aware of the problems and constraints which Singapore faces in the management of our solid waste. They also learnt about the importance of a well-managed waste disposal system in maintaining a clean city-state in the development of an efficient waste disposal system, and the measures needed to meet future challenges. They went on a comprehensive guided tour where they experienced the entire waste management process firsthand. The students passed through the visitors’ gallery where they managed to view the turbo-generators. Next, they went to the reception hall to view the refuse being discharged from trucks. At the Refuse Crane Control Room, students got the feed the refuse into the hopper. Lastly, they visited the Central Control Room where they got a better understanding of the controlling and monitoring of equipment and processes in the plant.

Due to our limited land area and the high rate of waste generation, solid waste has a visible impact on the state of our environment. It poses a threat to public health, water quality and even the eco-system. The students understood how their activities impacted their environment and this raised their awareness in the subject.

Science Learning Journey to Tuas Incinerator Plant - 1.jpg

Science Learning Journey to Tuas Incinerator Plant - 2.jpg

Science Learning Journey to Tuas Incinerator Plant - 3.jpg

Science Olympiad Write Up

On 12th July 2014, eight Primary 5 students were selected to represent West Grove Primary School to take part in the Singapore Primary Science Olympiad, which was held in NUS High School. Two students, Chloe Kwek Wing Yen (5H) and Ngoh Yin Xi (5H), were shortlisted for the practical round and were given the Silver Award for the competition. A presentation of the awards by Mrs Pang had been carried out in the school to recognize the students’ effort in the competition.