Parent Support Group (PSG)

WGPS PSG’s Mission: Partnering As One for the Success of West Grove students.  


The Role of the school’s Parent Support Group (PSG):

Ø Provides support for activities conducted by the school which enhance students’ welfare and growth.


Ø Serves as a communication channel for parents to provide constructive feedback on school policies and programmes; and


Ø Plays a part in recruiting and leading other parents to join this meaningful endeavour to ensure sustainability of home-school partnership.


The PSG ExCo Team:   

Ø Liaise with members on date and outline of programmes/activities.

Ø Involve in the planning of special events such as festive celebrations.

Ø Provide assistance and support to members on programmes/activities.


PSG Exco 2021

PSG EXCO 2021 .png

Parents interested in helping out with our school activities, please fill in the application form below and email the completed form to

Click here for the ParentSupport Group Membership Form

 You can also find us on facebook link

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