Welcome to West Grove Primary School

West Grove Primary School, situated at the junction of Jurong West Avenue 4  and  Jurong West Street 72,  began operations in January 2001.  The Principal, Mrs Teresa Kelly Pang  took over from  the previous Principal,  Mr Eugene Ong  with effect from 15 December 2007.  She is assisted by Mr Krishnan Pillay  who joined the school on 15 December 2010, and Mr Foo Chuan Kai who joined the school in June 2013.

There are 8 Heads of Department (HODs), 1 School Staff Developer (SSD), 2 Level Heads (LHs) and 5 Subject Heads (SHs).  The school has 100 teaching staff, 6 Allied Educators (AEDs) supported by 1 Administration Manager (AM), 1 Operations Manager (OM), 2 Clerical Support Officers and 5 Office Support Officers.

As at January 2014,  the school has a pupil population of 1783 in 50 classes.  The school offers three Mother Tongue Languages of Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

Please click This link for MOE latest Sexuality Education aims to help our young understand the physiological, social and emotional changes they experience as they mature, develop healthy relationships with the opposite sex and to teach them how to make responsible choices.

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