MOE Announcement

MOE Parent Seminar on “Transition to Secondary Education”

3rd November 2016

Moving from primary to secondary school is a transition for children and parents. Parents play an important role in supporting their children during the transition so that they can adjust and settle down in the new environment quickly.   To familiarise parents with the current secondary education landscape, MOE will be organising a Parent Seminar…

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Safeguarding your child online

3rd October 2016

Retired principal, Mrs Jenny Yeo, shares her thoughts about a global issue of increasing concern among schools and parents with young children – cyber bullying. Retired principal Mrs Jenny Yeo shares her thoughts about a global issue of increasing concern among schools and parents with young children – cyber bullying. Has your child been spending…

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Changes to the PSLE scoring and secondary one posting from 2021

3rd September 2016

Rationale and intent of changes Scoring changes Posting changes Direct school admissions (DSA) Related issues (HCL, MTL exemption) Others Read more :

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Mother Tongue Languages Symposium 2017

24th July 2017

Come join in the fun and excitement at the 6th Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) Symposium. It will showcase interesting and creative ways to encourage children to learn and love MTL. Registration for the sharing sessions and workshops is open. Visit to register now! (Click on the image below to enlarge it)    

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West Grove 7th Art Auction

20th May 2017

  Dear all, For our school’s 7th Art Auction, we will hold the auction online and all proceeds will be donated to the Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF). The aim is to empower and educate students about the importance of giving back to society through their diverse talents; learning to be active agents of change for…

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Honours Day 2016 – Prize Winner Photo

29th December 2016
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Honours Day 2016 – Events Photo

29th December 2016
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Invitation to Festival of Biodiversity

4th August 2016

The Festival of Biodiversity is an annual event organised by the National Parks Board in collaboration with the Biodiversity Roundtable. It is an event to celebrate Singapore’s natural heritage and in doing so, we hope to bring about greater awareness of the biodiversity that Singapore has. Our school’s Environment Club students and Cub Scouts will…

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NE Show for P5 (9 July 2016)

14th July 2016
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P5 Camp 2016

4th June 2016
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Calendar of Events

  • 10 October: SA2 Mother Tongue Paper 1 (P3 to P5)
  • 11 October: SA2 English & MT Listening Comprehension (P2 to P5)
  • 12 October: P3 & P5 SA2 Oral (English & MT)
  • 12 October: P1 Home-Based Learning (No school for P1) 
  • 13 October: P4 & P5 SA2 Oral (English & MT)
  • 13 October: P2 Home-Based Learning (No school for P2) 
  • 16 October: P2 SA2 Oral (English & MT)
  • 16 October: P3 Home-Based Learning (No school for P3) 
  • 17 October: Eve of Deepavali (All Hindu pupils and staff to be dismissed at 10 a.m.)
  • 18 October: Deepavali (No School)
  • 19 to 20 October: PSLE Marking (No School)
  • 23 to 24 October: PSLE Marking (No School)
  • 26 October: SA2 English (P2 to P5)
  • 27 October: SA2 Maths (P2 to P5)
  • 28 October: SA2 Mother Tongue (P2 to P5)
  • 31 October: SA2 Science (P3 to P5)
  • 31 October: SA2 Social Studies (P4 to P5)
  • 1 November: SA2 Higher Mother Tongue (P5)
  • 10 November: P6 Graduation Day
  • 16 November: Celebration of Successes
  • 17 November: Admin Day (No school)
  • 18 November 2107 to 1 January 2018 (School Holidays)


Red - National Examinations

Blue - School Examinations

Green - School / Public Holiday(s)

Black - School as per normal unless otherwise stated


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Singapore 649223


Phone: +65 6267 9234