Head of Department (Covering) Mrs Nicole Chua
Level Head (Covering) Ms Ong Pyng Jing
LSM Coordinator: Mdm Nurhazlinda
Mdm Hani



Mathematics is the study of patterns and relationships. It is an excellent tool for the development of one’s intellectual competence in logical reasoning, spatial visualization, analysis and abstract thinking. Pupils develop numeracy, reasoning, thinking skills and problem solving skills though learning and application of mathematics concepts taught in class.

In West Grove, we aim to provide a variety of learning experiences to help pupils develop and explore Mathematics concepts and apply them in a wide range of real-world problems.


Content P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6
Whole Numbers X X X X X
Fractions X X X X X
Decimals X X
Measurement X X X X X X
Data Analysis X X X X X X
Geometry X X X X X X
Speed X
Ratio X
Percentage X X
Algebra X
Programmes P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6
Spa X X
Laugh X
Prism X X
Gold X X X
Soar X X X X
Alternative X X X X



National Education Math Trail

Through the NE staircase, Pupils will be given the opportunity to visit places of historic values in Singapore and learn more about the history of Singapore. At the same time, they will explore and investigate on some Mathematics concepts such as ‘Area and Perimeter’. ‘Estimation’, ‘Map-reading’ and ‘Speed’ during the trail. Pupils will also learn to be innovative, self-disciplined and gracious through these activities.
Mathematics Learning Festival

The Mathematics Department organised a total of 5 Math Workshops for the parents of our P1, P4 and P5 pupils on the 19th March 2013. At our P1 workshop, parents were briefed on the Maths Syllabus and Assessment. Resources used during P1 Math lessons were also shared with parents on that day. As for the P4 workshops, parents learn how to solve Mathematics problems through heuristics such as model- drawing, Guess and Check, Assumption Method, Looking for a Pattern and Working Backwards. At our P5 workshops, parents were briefed on the examination format for PSLE Mathematics and the use of calculators. They also learnt model-drawing skills and how to solve questions involving ratio. Parents were very diligent and they participated enthusiastically at the workshops.

Math Challenge Day

The Math Challenge Day was held on 11th & 12th of March during assembly in the school hall. A total of 18 pupils from the P1-P2 and 48 pupils from the P3-P6 were shortlisted. Both the P1-P2 and P3-P6 participants were divided into groups of 6 during the competition on that day. Pupils had to cooperate with their team members to answer the questions. Only 1 winning group for each session was chosen. Congratulations to the winners once again!