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Chinese New Year Celebration 2017 农历新年庆祝活动

We started the year of Rooster off with a joyous Chinese new year concert, with all three MT language teams worked together. Mrs. Siva hit the ‘Gong’ to launch the concert, which symbolized the departure of darkness and arrival of brightness and joy. New Year songs and music were performed by choir members, Guzheng members and as well as talented solo performers. Wushu member also showcased their martial art talent and gained audience’s applause. The highlight was, of course, the lion dance and dragon dance parade along with the beating of drums and cymbals, presented by West Grove’s multi-racial team of performers. Everyone wished each other Happy Chinese New Year after which the whole school had a sing-along session.





Overseas Immersion Programme 2017 文化浸濡活动
Each year, up to 30 pupils will be chosen for an immersion programme to our twinning school in Suzhou, China. Selection of pupils is based on merit. Interested pupils can seek for more information from their Mother Tongue teachers.
In May 2017, our HOD of Mother Tongue and 3 CL teachers led a group of 19 selected Primary 5 pupils to embark on the meaningful learning journey in Suzhou, China.
They visited our twinning school, Kunshan Experimental Elementary School and had an unforgettable experience of the vibrancy of classroom, cultural and hospitality of our twinning school.
The children were also treated to the various sights and sounds of the tranquil Suzhou and Hangzhou, as well as the ever changing, dynamic metropolis Shanghai.




Cultural Programme 文化活动

105 P5 pupils and 6 teachers went to the Golden Mile Tower to watch the musical ‘The Legend of The Monkey King’ on 27 July 2017. The musical was the first local innovative stage performance which combined musical and Chinese Kung Fu. The musical consists of three stories from the famous classical Chinese novel ‘Journey to the West’.  They are; ‘Borrow the Great Treasure Rod in Dragon Palace’、 ‘Havoc in the Heavenly Palace’ and ‘Borrow the Magic Palm Fan’. The musical depicts the growth of the legendary hero - the Monkey King. The morals which are embedded in the stories are closely related to our lives. The Monkey King is just like us who makes mistakes along the way of growing up, such as being overconfident, arrogant and being ignorant. Sometimes, we might also be misunderstood by others. It is important for us to keep the ‘pure goodness’ inside us and stay positive in an effort to correct our mistakes. Eventually, we will become the hero in our heart. Through this trip, students gained more exposure and developed an appreciation of the Chinese culture through the performance, which motivated their interest in Chinese culture and the learning of the Chinese language.



Hosting of Kunshan Experimental Elementary School from China 昆山实小来访

A group comprised of 30 P5 pupils and 3 teachers from China Kunshan Experimental Elementary School (KSEES) visited our school on 28 July (Fri) & 31 July (Mon), about two months after our P5 pupils visited their school during our oversea immersion trip in May.

During the 3-hour program on each day for two days, our guest experienced an array of activities prepared by Mother Tongue department as well as workshops supported by Art, PE, MRL and CCE departments.

On the first day, our guest went on a guided school tour led by teachers, our P5 prefects stationed at different locations to give an introduction in English. They then had a fun and challenging Dare-to-Read lesson in Our Wonderful Library. It followed by a cultural exposure program which included batik painting, henna drawing and traditional games such as congkak and five stones.

On the second day, our West Grove buddies selected from P5 pupils joined in to play host to our visitors. 60 pupils together had a fun workout in the PE activity conducted in the hall. Our guests, accompanied by their one-to-one buddy, sit in various P5 classrooms to experience teaching conducted in different medium language and visited canteen to have a taste of local food.

With the support of various departments, we showcased to the visitors from China our teaching and our culture in various fun, enriching, and vigorous activities.

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MTL Fortnight and Cultural Camps 母语双周活动与文华营

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight is an annual key event organised by the Mother Tongue Department to provide an engaging environment for the authentic usage and appreciation of Mother Tongue language and its associated culture. This year, the theme for the Mother Tongue Department is Traditional Performing Arts, and the respective levels have their MTL activities revolving around the selected Traditional Performing Art ie. Clay Sculpture for Primary 1, Drums for Primary 2, Wushu for Primary 3, Shadow Puppetry for Primary 4, Diabolo for Primary 5 and Opera Mask for Primary 6.

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During recesses and lunch hour, pupils learnt more about Chinese traditional performing arts and some commonly-made grammatical errors from the overhead television screening. Pupils then further immersed themselves in the cultural mood by participating in the recess activities at the Reading Grove over 2 Wednesdays. P1 and P2 pupils were engaged in colouring activities while P3 – P6 pupils completed simple worksheets and craftwork related to the traditional performing arts theme. All participants walked away with tokens and smiles on their faces.

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The classroom experience undoubtedly heightened pupils’ awareness and interest in their unique Chinese culture. The reinforcing of the history behind the respective traditional performing arts through video clips and poems and the hands-on session had indeed deepened pupils’ understanding of one’s own culture.

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The 2.5 hour P3 Cultural Camp was conducted during the MTL Fortnight to further provide pupils with an immersive environment to experience the Chinese language as a “living language”. Besides earning themselves some attractive prizes from the quiz, pupils also had a fruitful and enriching afternoon experiencing the different aspects of traditional Chinese opera through the various activity stations, i.e. 棍花, 戏服, 马鞭, 水袖 and 身段.


The Chinese Book Fair held in the last 2 days of the MTL Fortnight received encouraging responses from both pupils and parents. Well-illustrated storybooks were snapped up real fast. All MT teachers hope that all pupils will continue to show great enthusiasm for their Mother Tongue Language and culture way beyond the Fortnight activities.



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