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Head of Department Ms. Chua Hock Yen 蔡福燕
Subject Head (Chinese) Ms. Foong Yuk Yew 洪毓瑶
Level Representative (P1) Ms. Zhuo Dandan 卓丹丹
Level Representative (P2) Ms. Tiow Jingmin 张静敏
Level Representative (P3) Ms. Tan Kok Teng 陈杺惟
Level Representative (P4) Ms. Foon Siew Man 潘秀雯
Level Representative (P5) Ms. Lau Yee Fun 刘绮芬
Level Representative (P6) Ms. Tang Oi Khum 邓爱琴






Programmes CL ML TL
MTL Fortnight and Cultural Camps Y Y Y
Hosting of Overseas Partners/Schools Y Y  
Overseas Immersion Trips Y Y  
Culture Programme Y    
Talent Development Y Y Y
Conversational Chinese Malay (CCM) Y Y Y
Reading and Writing Programme Y Y Y
Post Exam Activities Y Y Y
Book Fair Y Y Y
Parents’ Talk Y Y Y





1. Chinese New Year Celebration 2018 农历新年庆祝活动


Making the lanterns was very fun. The difficulty we faced was folding the angbaos as the steps were very complicated. The angbaos were also hard to fold because some angbaos were made of card. We did not know how to make the lanterns on our first attempt. We also did not know how to measure the string to hang the angbaos so our teacher helped us. We have learnt to work together and not quarrel.

Chinese 2018 2

Chinese 2018 1








Putting up the lanterns was difficult because we are not tall enough to reach the top corners of the whiteboards. So we stood on a chair to help us put up the lanterns. After putting up the lanterns, the classroom looked nice. We were very proud of ourselves after our hard work.

By Eraj Majid (P6D) & Tasnim Taj Puspa (P6D)


Pre-Assembly Storytelling

"There was a poor family who did not have any food. They only had money for one rice cake. They made the rice cake by noon.

When they were about to eat the rice cake, something strange happened. The rice cake came alive and started running out of the house and towards the animals. "Hey, is that for me?" Asked the pig. But the rice cake just kept running. Then it ran towards the dog and cat, but it turned out that the rice cake was actually running towards grandma's mouth. The family ran after the rice cake feeling hungry. The rice cake went inside grandma's mouth and was gobbled up by grandma! Suddenly, grandma turned into a goddess! She then gave the family many sacks of rice and some monty to make more rice cakes."

Chinese 2018 3








This is our favourite story from the 3 days of pre-assembly storytelling sessions. From this story, we learnt that we should give back to others who are more needy. We also learnt that anyone can be a blessing in disguise.

The thing we find funny is the story's close resemblance to the famous story "The Gingerbread Man". Instead of finishing the whole story, we would suggest that the storyteller stop telling the story at its climax so that students will be interested to borrow the storybook from the school library.

By Shusmoy Roy Chowdhury (P6G) & Ruhi Sibu (P6E)


Classroom Quiz & Lion Dance Classroom Blessing

From the quiz, I learnt that different zodiac animals have different characteristics. One example is the dragon being swift and wise. I also learnt that some people in China may be poorer than us, yet they may be enjoying Chinese New Year more than us as they celebrate more time with their families. They also seem to cook better food than us even though they may have limited cooking utilities

Chinese 2018 5

Chinese 2018 4










The lion dance was incredible as there was a balance of fear and majestic feel to it. The lion looked fierce with its thick fur and red eyes. Its heart beats were made by hitting the Chinese drum. The lion was very agile and it moved quickly and made many back-breaking turns. The lion dancer successfully portrayed the lion as a terrifying beast.

By Yasin Arifin Tiham (P6G)




We felt very excited to attend the Chinese New Year concert. Last year's concert was a huge blast and we expect this year's concert to be as entertaining as the previous ones.

Firstly, the hosts introduced themselves. We saw one of our classmates, Koh Feng Wei dressed in a costume.

Chinese 2018 6







Chinese 2018 7







Then, the lions came onto the stage, surprising the audience. The Chinese God of Fortune also came, walking around the hall. After the lions had performed, NASCANS students danced on stage. Then, members of the Martial Arts group wowed everyone, including the teachers, with their martial skills. It was fantastic when Choir came on stage and presented their singing skills.


Chinese 2018 8







Chinese 2018 9




For the finale, all concert participants gathered on stage, encouraging everyone in singing the festive songs.



Chinese 2018 10









My favourite concert item is however the Orange Peeling Competition, where student representatives from each level participated. Classes cheered the representatives on.



The whole concert was fun but it was also saddening as this is our last Chinese New Year concert in West Grove Primary. Next year, we will all be attending Chinese New Year concert in our secondary schools.

We will always cherish the moments of this year’s Chinese New Year concert.

By Muhammad Aleem (P6F) & Abdus Sayem Sarwer (P6G)


Lo Hei

It was a good bonding session as colleagues gathered to Lo Hei for good luck, abundance and prosperity. The session, complemented by a mini buffet spread, lifted up everyone’s spirits as well as the celebratory atmosphere during Chinese New Year.

By Mdm Lau


Chinese 2018 11

Chinese 2018 12









在农历新年的前一周,学生在美术老师的引导下完成了各种各样的手工装饰品。之后,学生利用这些装饰品把各个教室布置得漂漂亮亮,充满了新年的气氛。 在这一周,母语老师也在班上进行课堂活动,让学生对“狗”年的习俗、寓意有更深一层的认识。


Chinese 2018 13

Chinese 2018 14











2018年2月15日的这一天早上, 伟群小学迎来了醒狮团,为我们的庆祝活动拉开了序幕。醒狮团在俏皮的财神爷的陪同下到学校办公室、教员室以及各个班级送上祝福。 醒狮团的出现让全校师生惊喜万分。


Chinese 2018 15 Chinese 2018 16








接着,同学们聚集在早被装饰得五彩缤纷的礼堂里,等着观看精彩的表演。在同学们到齐前,一首首新年歌曲连续播出,新年气氛越来越浓厚。表演开始之前,学生代表上台为校长和副校长奉上象征大吉大利的橘子,献上对师长的美好祝愿。一声铜锣响后,令人期待的表演就开始了。由醒狮团开始表演菜青,然后是合唱团、尤克里里团、武术社团以及伟群小学托管中心的学生的舞蹈表演,真是让观众目不暇给。 之后,一些学生还被邀请上台进行“剥橘子”比赛。所有的观众们都全情投入,个个拍手叫好。


Chinese 2018 17 Chinese 2018 18














2. 家长工作坊2018

P5 CL Parental Workshop

More than 50 parents took time off their busy work schedule to attend the P5 Chinese and Higher Chinese Parent Workshop conducted during the March school holidays. P5 Chinese teachers shared invaluable insights and tips to improve their child’s performance in the various assessment components. The interactive Q&A session was a fruitful one with parents airing their concerns and teachers clarifying their doubts. It was clearly evident and heartening for teachers to know that parents are actively supporting their children in their important journey towards PSLE. This positive parent-teacher partnership will greatly benefit the child, ultimately bringing about academic success.





3. Overseas Immersion Programme 2017 文化浸濡活动

Each year, up to 30 pupils will be chosen for an immersion programme to our twinning school in Suzhou, China. Selection of pupils is based on merit. Interested pupils can seek for more information from their Mother Tongue teachers.
In May 2017, our HOD of Mother Tongue and 3 CL teachers led a group of 19 selected Primary 5 pupils to embark on the meaningful learning journey in Suzhou, China.
They visited our twinning school, Kunshan Experimental Elementary School and had an unforgettable experience of the vibrancy of classroom, cultural and hospitality of our twinning school.
The children were also treated to the various sights and sounds of the tranquil Suzhou and Hangzhou, as well as the ever changing, dynamic metropolis Shanghai.



Chinese 2018 19 Chinese 2018 20










4. Cultural Programme 文化活动

105 P5 pupils and 6 teachers went to the Golden Mile Tower to watch the musical ‘The Legend of The Monkey King’ on 27 July 2017. The musical was the first local innovative stage performance which combined musical and Chinese Kung Fu. The musical consists of three stories from the famous classical Chinese novel ‘Journey to the West’.  They are; ‘Borrow the Great Treasure Rod in Dragon Palace’、 ‘Havoc in the Heavenly Palace’ and ‘Borrow the Magic Palm Fan’. The musical depicts the growth of the legendary hero - the Monkey King. The morals which are embedded in the stories are closely related to our lives. The Monkey King is just like us who makes mistakes along the way of growing up, such as being overconfident, arrogant and being ignorant. Sometimes, we might also be misunderstood by others. It is important for us to keep the ‘pure goodness’ inside us and stay positive in an effort to correct our mistakes. Eventually, we will become the hero in our heart. Through this trip, students gained more exposure and developed an appreciation of the Chinese culture through the performance, which motivated their interest in Chinese culture and the learning of the Chinese language.


Chinese 2018 21 Chinese 2018 22









5. Hosting of Kunshan Experimental Elementary School from China

昆山实小来访A group comprised of 30 P5 pupils and 3 teachers from China Kunshan Experimental Elementary School (KSEES) visited our school on 28 July (Fri) & 31 July (Mon), about two months after our P5 pupils visited their school during our oversea immersion trip in May.

During the 3-hour program on each day for two days, our guest experienced an array of activities prepared by Mother Tongue department as well as workshops supported by Art, PE, MRL and CCE departments.

On the first day, our guest went on a guided school tour led by teachers, our P5 prefects stationed at different locations to give an introduction in English. They then had a fun and challenging Dare-to-Read lesson in Our Wonderful Library. It followed by a cultural exposure program which included batik painting, henna drawing and traditional games such as congkak and five stones.

On the second day, our West Grove buddies selected from P5 pupils joined in to play host to our visitors. 60 pupils together had a fun workout in the PE activity conducted in the hall. Our guests, accompanied by their one-to-one buddy, sit in various P5 classrooms to experience teaching conducted in different medium language and visited canteen to have a taste of local food.

With the support of various departments, we showcased to the visitors from China our teaching and our culture in various fun, enriching, and vigorous activities.

Chinese 2018 23 Chinese 2018 24 Chinese 2018 25 Chinese 2018 26 Chinese 2018 27














6. MTL Fortnight and Cultural Camps 母语双周活动与文华营

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight is an annual key event organised by the Mother Tongue Department to provide an engaging environment for the authentic usage and appreciation of Mother Tongue language and its associated culture. This year, the theme for the Mother Tongue Department is Traditional Performing Arts, and the respective levels have their MTL activities revolving around the selected Traditional Performing Art ie. Clay Sculpture for Primary 1, Drums for Primary 2, Wushu for Primary 3, Shadow Puppetry for Primary 4, Diabolo for Primary 5 and Opera Mask for Primary 6.

Chinese 2018 28 Chinese 2018 29










During recesses and lunch hour, pupils learnt more about Chinese traditional performing arts and some commonly-made grammatical errors from the overhead television screening. Pupils then further immersed themselves in the cultural mood by participating in the recess activities at the Reading Grove over 2 Wednesdays. P1 and P2 pupils were engaged in colouring activities while P3 – P6 pupils completed simple worksheets and craftwork related to the traditional performing arts theme. All participants walked away with tokens and smiles on their faces.

Chinese 2018 30 Chinese 2018 31








The classroom experience undoubtedly heightened pupils’ awareness and interest in their unique Chinese culture. The reinforcing of the history behind the respective traditional performing arts through video clips and poems and the hands-on session had indeed deepened pupils’ understanding of one’s own culture.

Chinese 2018 32 Chinese 2018 33










The 2.5 hour P3 Cultural Camp was conducted during the MTL Fortnight to further provide pupils with an immersive environment to experience the Chinese language as a “living language”. Besides earning themselves some attractive prizes from the quiz, pupils also had a fruitful and enriching afternoon experiencing the different aspects of traditional Chinese opera through the various activity stations, i.e. 棍花, 戏服, 马鞭, 水袖 and 身段.


Chinese 2018 34








The Chinese Book Fair held in the last 2 days of the MTL Fortnight received encouraging responses from both pupils and parents. Well-illustrated storybooks were snapped up real fast. All MT teachers hope that all pupils will continue to show great enthusiasm for their Mother Tongue Language and culture way beyond the Fortnight activities.



Chinese 2018 35 Chinese 2018 36












7. P6 Post Exam Activity – Chinese Seal Engraving 考后活动 - 篆刻

P6 Post Exam Activity is conducted by the Chinese Department for the P6 students after their PSLE. Students are introduced to the fundamental of Chinese Seal Engraving including some basic knowledge on its history. Students enjoyed the lesson tremendously as they had a hands-on session to make their own seal. Not only do they have a better understanding of the knowledge of seal making, students learnt about patient, responsibility, coordination and good craftsmanship through the lesson. All of them walked away with a big smile at the end of the lesson!


Chinese 2018 37 Chinese 2018 38 Chinese 2018 39 Chinese 2018 40 Chinese 2018 41 Chinese 2018 42 Chinese 2018 43






























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