In line with the vision “Active Minds, Gracious Hearts”, one of West Grove’s strategic goals is to develop pupils to be morally upright and actively contribute to the community. Education is never complete if it does not develop a pupil’s character along with his mental faculties and physical ability. Character development is integral to education and is fundamental to the holistic development of our pupils. In West Grove, besides providing explicit teaching of our six school values through our comprehensive life skills lessons, schools values, leadership and social-emotional competencies are also integrated and infused through all aspects of education in an environment that is caring and open.

In West Grove, no pupils is left behind and we look into welfare of our pupils. Should any pupil have financial, social and/or emotional difficulty, the school will assess his needs and provide him with the necessary support so that he has an ease of mind to learn well in school.



Head Of Department Mdm. Anisah Bte Muna Md
Subject Head, Environmental Education & Partnership Mdm Mindy Neo
Subject Head (Pupil Well-being) Mdm Lee Nyuk Phing
Subject Head (Discipline & Student Leadership) Mr Abdul Gaffar
Senior Teacher (CCE)
Mdm Samsia
School Counsellor Ms Annie Tsang
AED LBS Ms Khaireny