Head of Department Mdm Nithiyah
Level Head Mdm Azlin
Lead Teacher (English Language) Mdm Yusnita
Senior Teacher (Educational Support) Mrs Shirin Ishar
Learning Support Coordinator Mdm Neliwati


Literacy is the ability to read and use written information and to write appropriately in a range of contexts. It also involves the integration of speaking, listening and critical thinking with reading and writing and includes the cultural knowledge that enables the speaker, writer or reader to recognize and use language appropriate to the social situation.

With this in mind, the English department’s main objective is to ensure the optimum development of our children. We believe that all children have a right to develop, grow and learn in a society where each individual is valued and respected; where each individual in turn, values, respects and contributes positively to others and the environment which we all share.

  • To provide an enjoyable language learning experience through suitably planned activities.
  • To provide opportunities for pupils to use the English language effectively
  • To develop a love for the English language



  • To evolve a school where good spoken and written English language is the way of life

As such, we offer children a meaningful language experience by:

  • teaching all areas of the English primary curriculum
  • planning, preparing and providing teaching resources that integrate oral language, reading and writing
  • catering to the needs of the differentiated abilities
  • taking responsibility for the learning and progress of our pupils in the language
  • organising classroom resources to provide a positive learning environment
  • motivating our pupils to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the English language



An Overview of Instructional Curriculum in the English Department

Level P1 & P2 P3 & P4 P5 & P6 Remarks
SBA Big Books and worksheets, SBA book
Extensive Reading Programme(ERP) ERP Books
Book Box Programme Book Box Books
Oral practices(reading, picture, conversation)
Show & Tell/Speech and Drama Incorporated as part of STELLAR Curriculum for P1
Listening practices
My Pals Workbook
Unit & Supplementary Worksheets
Spelling & Dictation
Story/Continuous Writing / Composition P1-MLEA Approach, P2 –write at least 8 sentences given a picture, P3-P6-writing in paragraphs
Situational Writing
Writing Package
IT assignment

Here at West Grove, the English department understands the importance of integration and the development of the child in all dimensions of his or her life. Bearing this in mind, it has designed a list of programmes that are central to the development of the child’s general language ability. Through such programmes children

  • develop their ability to communicate and use language socially
  • develop cognitive skills
  • develop reading and writing skills
  • enrich their language experience and imaginative powers.

Here are some of the programmes we provide for our pupils:

  • Primary 1 English Language Induction Programme
  • STELLAR Programme
  • BASE Programme
  • Learning Support Programme (LSP)
  • Buddy Reading
  • Reading Grove
  • Book Box Programme
  • Extensive Reading Programme(ERP)



Here at West Grove, we adopt a culture of sharing. Conducting workshops and talks for teachers and parents and organising sharing sessions are essential as we strongly believe in learning as a continual process. As such, the English department has conducted sharing sessions and familiarisation talks to parents and teachers. The objectives being, to inform, desseminate and share information.

We also encourage our pupils to take part in competitions and never fail to recognise their achievements and contributions. So come on and take a peek into this year’s event highlights.



Grammar Bytes – Handouts, rules, terms, and interactive exercises.

Grammar Skillswise – BBC Skillswise enables students to improve their literacy skills. This section of the site focuses on grammar. Each section includes a factsheet and a quiz.

Grammar Monster – Grammar Monster is an on-line e-book designed to answer English grammar queries. As well as many interactive tests and lessons and a grammar chat forum, it includes a full glossary of grammatical terms.

Grammatical Knowledge for teachers – From the UK National Literacy Strategy, a series of modules for teachers to update or consolidate their basic grammatical knowledge. Currently two of these five modules are available: * grammatical overview * word classes.

Interactive Quizzes for grammar and writing – A comprehensive guide to parts of speech, sentence types, abbreviations, punctuation , commonly confused words, spelling rules and many other aspects of grammar and writing.



A B C’s of the Writing Process – By clicking on any one of the five steps – prewriting, writing, revising, editing or publishing – teachers and students will be given ideas to assist with the writing process.

Ideas for Teaching Writing – Explore the many ideas and resources for teaching writing skills on this site. The lesson suggestions are mainly designed for primary level students, and the site includes a set of downloadable writing frames.

Story Writing Tips – A site for students, teachers and parents with many ideas and tips to help students with their writing.



How to Improve Reading Comprehension – The Reading Comprehension Strategies Online Tutorials explain how to use these strategies as tools.

English Learner: English lessons and tests – Advanced Reading Comprehension

English Language Centre Study Zone – A variety of Reading Exercises for different ability levels.



Giggle Poetry – This site contains light-hearted school poems, favourite poems, a poetry class, poetry contests and an Ask the Poet section.

Barking Spiders and other such stuff – A collection of poetry written from a child’s point of view.

Instant Poetry Forms – A site where students can choose a poetry form then add words to make the poem their own.