MRL Programmes


vision mission

1. O.W.L. Lessons

All the classes need to go to the library at least 3 times a year to for O.W.L. lesson. It is a library lesson for students to learn library citizenship and skills and to widen their reading. After the visitation, students will complete simple activities in their MRL booklet. The lessons include the following which is spread across the student’s primary school education

  • Basic Orientation with library rules
  • Types of Books - Fiction and Non Fiction including the Dewey Decimal Classification
  • Introducing Authors 1
  • Introducing Authors 2
  • Award Winning Books
  • Reading Festival with a specific topic for the year; Eg in 2016 is “Science Fiction”
  • Read Reap Write: Discover Robin Hood
  • Read Reap Write: “Bone Hunt” by AMONster02
  • Read Reap Write: “Sherlock Sam series” by A.J. Low
  • Read Reap Write: “Beware the Ninja Weenies and other creepy tales” by David Lubar.

2. MRL Monthly Readership Completion

Every month, MRL will generate a report on the number of books borrowed by each class and individual pupils. The class and pupil with the highest borrowing rate for each level will be rewarded with certificates for their achievements. In 2017, MRL launched another award to reward pupils who show the greatest progress in the number of books read within two months. This serves to encourage reluctant readers to read more continuously.

3. Monthly Library Activities

The OWL (Our Wonderful Library) had thematic displays and these displays come along with interesting activities such as word search and cross word puzzles for students to participate in. Students can simply visit the library, read through the displays and win exciting tokens by completing the activities. Pupils will also get to read books related to these themes to widen their reads.

4. School Reading Ambassadors

A group of pupils is selected to be the School Reading Ambassadors. They are one of the student leaders in West Grove. These students attended School Reading Ambassador Workshops conducted by our MRL teachers. They will be leading the reading trend and takes on the role to promote reading among West Grovians. The school reading ambassadors will present a book review during morning assembly weekly and selected pupils will also represent the school to tell stories at the community library. Some of the school reading ambassadors also took time to prepare book displays and shelf talkers at Jurong West Public Library as a collaborative effort

5. KidsREAD Reading Club

“Children have unlimited imagination.
Reading helps them discover new horizons.

It sharpens yet blurs their boundaries
for what is real and the impossible.
It helps children to dream.
I believe we need to encourage that
in the young.”

- Then-Deputy Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong speaking during the kidsREAD launch

The objectives of the club are:

  • To leverage on the strengths of various partners to create a reading programme for children
  • To promote the love of reading and cultivate good reading habits among young Singaporeans, specifically children from the lower income families
  • To provide an avenue for children from various races to interact from an early age
  • To help enhance the quality of life of the children and their families

This is a new reading club set up in 2014 April for selected P1 and P2 pupils. KidsREAD Reading Club is initiated by the National Library Board and the club is possible with the support of NLB, our school leaders, committed teachers and most importantly our volunteers. Our volunteers and coordinator attended a training session at the NLB and are always striving to make each kidsREAD session a meaningful one for all pupils in this club.

kidsread reading club 1 kidsread reading club 2jpg
Story Telling session by the volunteers Children at work, designing their own shell after reading a book titled “The Hermit Crab”
 kidsread reading club 3  kidsread reading club 4
Volunteer guiding the children to complete 
their own mini book on “The Sea”
 Children excited and all ready for kidsREAD to start.
kidsread reading club 5 kidsread reading club 6

6. Competitions

West Grove students encourage avid readers to take part in reading related competition such as the National Story Challenge and the National Kids Lit Quiz competition. These competition trainings encouraged students to read widely and become confident speakers.


7. Media Literacy Programme

In MRL, it is important that pupils are media literate in view of the different media resources available. In collaboration with the ICT Cyberwellness programme, pupils are taught media literacy skills.

8. Books to Go - Mobile Library

West Grove also collaborates with the National Library Board for students to borrow wider variety of books. We encourage pupils to borrow more books especially before the school holidays to read. As the loan quota at the NLB is higher compared to the quota in school, the school arranged mobile library session for pupils to borrow more books from NLB in our school compound.