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School Profile

School History

West Grove Primary School was established in 2001 and had only 33 teachers and 950 students. The school is located at 1 Jurong West Street 72.  In 2003, the school was officially declared open.  In 2010, West Grove Primary celebrated its 10th Anniversary. West Grove Primary has developed its Learning for Life Programme (LLP) in the Arts in 2014 and transited to Single-Session in 2016.

Principals of West Grove Primary School:

•          Mr Eugene Ong (2001 to 2007)

•          Mrs Teresa Kelly Pang (2007 to 2014)

•          Mrs Chandler Jay Siva (2014 to present)

School Motto

Wisdom and Grace

School Vision

Active Minds, Gracious Hearts.

School Mission

We aspire to create a conducive environment where pupils learn from the past, appreciate the present and prepare for the future.

Strategic Thrust

ST1 - Quality Staff

ST2 - Quality Learning for Students

ST3 - Developing Character and Citizenship in Students

ST4 - Organizational Excellence

School Crest

School Crest.png

Shaped like a Shield, the badge represents honour and loyalty to uphold for the school. BLACK Outline demonstrates boldness in taking on challenges.

GREEN Signifies freshness of mind and body towards learning.

Like pages of an open book, BLUE shows learning with an open mind.

School Song

At West Grove we march on with our peers

Together we achieve through the years

We build we shape we declare what we have we learn to share

Wisdom and grace we totally embrace

With wisdom and grace we’ll win the race

Wisdom and grace we totally embrace

With wisdom and grace we’ll win the race

With one heart one soul and one mind

With renewed faith upwards we will climb

New heights new hopes and new dreams

Together we achieve as a team



Key Events


Establishment of school


Official opening of school at 1 Jurong West Street 72 and Memory Lane by Dr John Chen, MP Hong Kah GRC


Established Niche in Science and National Education


School Visit by Dr Ng Eng Hen, Minister for Manpower and Second Minister for Defence


Embarked on IDEAS (Innovative Designs for Enhancing Achievement in Schools) Programme.


School Visit by Dr Ng Eng Hen, Minister of Education and Second Minister for Defence


Received Palm Award for School Green Awards


Celebrated 10th Anniversary


Received the GOLD award for the Green Schools @ South West Programme


Received National Arts Education Award (NAEA) 2011 & 2016


Received NE Development Award 2011


Received Total Defence Meritorious Award 2012


Established LLP in ARTs


Received the Lotus Award for School Green Awards


Completion of PERI upgrading and transition to Single Session School


Received Reading Excellence Award (REA)


Received Innergy (Schools) Awards 2017 – GOLD 


Received Public Service Transformation Award


Conducted Ground Deployment Exercise